Slow motion videos are not just limited to high end video cameras anymore, you can easily get this feature on your smartphone. If you are an android user and looking to give your videos slow motion touch, then you will be happy to know that there are many android apps that will let you create slow motion videos.

Why you may want to create slow motion videos, you ask? Slow motion can make almost any video fun to watch with a completely different experience. Try making a video of yourself talking and then slow it down, you will see how interesting it gets. Furthermore, there are many productive uses of it as well. You can slow a video with visual instructions to easily understand how to do something, for example, a dance move. The possibilities are endless!

Most of the slow motion video apps also offer fast motion features, adding more creativity to your videos. We are going to list down the best slow motion video apps for android, both free and paid. All you need to do is select the best app according to your need.

Best Slow Motion Video Apps

1. Slow Motion Video FX

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Slow Motion Video FX is a fully featured app created only for creating / recording slow motion or fast motion videos. It is an ad supported app with a pro version that will just remove the ads. The ads are also not that much annoying and there is no watermark on the created video. The pro version should only be bought if you really hate ads or want to donate for the good cause.

The app is very simple to use and you can both record a new video and make it slow/fast motion video or make an already recorded video slow/fast. All you need to do is select the video (whether new or old) and set how  much slow/fast it will be. A video can be slowed by almost half of its original speed or can be made 5x faster.

You can also cut a specific part of a video to only slow/fast that specific part of the video. The app will create a copy of a video that will be in slow/fast motion, the original video will stay untouched. The whole creating process may take few minutes depending on video size and quality.

When you are done, you can also share the video right from the app to your social networks for friends to see. However, it should be noted that the audio of the slowed video may not be as good as you may expect, but it is good enough to understand.


2. SloPro

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SloPro is another great slow/fast motion video recording app that only focus on this feature. The app is perfect with features better than Slow Motion Video FX, but the free version adds watermark to the video. If you have no problem with the watermark, then it is a great free slow/fast motion video app for you. Otherwise, it is better to invest and get some amazing features.

The main reason why SloPro is so interesting is because it will let you make a video slow or fast in real-time. You don’t have to specify a speed and a part of a video to make it slow/fast. You can just play the video and start selecting speed of your choice to make a part of video slow/fast. You can change speed while the video is playing, and that speed will be added to the video.

There are total six speeds you can choose, three fast and three slow. So it doesn’t offer many speed adjustment options, but this also makes the process easier for an average user.

You can also share the video over social media networks, but the watermark will still be there if you are using the free version.


3. Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

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This app also only offers video slow/fast motion feature and is ad supported. However, unlike other apps mentioned above, it excels at offering more adjustable speeds. You can slow the speed up to 1/8x of the original speed and speed it up 8x as well. When you will launch the app, all videos in your phone will be displayed in the main interface. You will not have to worry about searching for the video in your phone.

Just select the video which you would like to edit and you will be prompted to specify the area which you would like to make slow/fast. Unlike Slow Motion Video FX, this app will not trim the part automatically. The whole video will be processed and only the specified area will be slow/fast. However, you also have the option to trim it if you want.

Just provide the speed and tap on “OK” to start the process. The app will take some time to create the video (more than average slow/fast motion video apps) and you can then review it afterwards.


4. KMPlayer

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KMPlayer is actually a video player app that supports high definition videos with amazing controlling features. One of its feature include making a video play in slow/fast motion. It might not be a dedicated slow/fast motion video app, but the number of video formats it supports and the quality it offers makes it good enough to be in this list.

If you are just looking to watch a high definition video in slow/fast motion, then KMPlayer is a great option. While the video is playing, you can just increase or decrease the speed of the video by tapping on “+” and “-” buttons on the right of the screen. You decrease speed to 0.1x and increase it upto 4x.

KMPlayer works best for people who need to watch some instructional videos in slow motion or just want to have fun with some fast playback. It doesn’t offer any sharing or saving feature, so it may not be best for creating slow/fast video.


5. VideoShop

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VideoShop as name suggest is a fully featured editing tool for videos. It is ad supported and offers tons of editing features and you can edit the video in real time. One of its features is making the video slow or fast. The app offers real-time editing, so you can easily make a video slow or fast using a horizontal slider and see the effects in real-time.

You can decrease speed to 0.1x and increase it to 4x and when you are done just tap on “Done” and the video will be edited. You can also share the video on social media networks Facebook, Whatsapp, etc right from the app. Furthermore, the video can be edited with other editing features of VideoShop, so you can make your slow/fast motion video even more interesting.

Some of the editing features include, annotations, sound effects, Trim, merge, resize, reverse and adjust display, etc.


6. Video Dieter 2

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Video Dieter 2 is another video editing app that offers average editing features along with the ability to make a video slow or fast. The app is targeted toward changing the resolution of the video to increase or decrease the size of the video to make it easy to store. It will also compress the video without losing quality.

However, to use the slow/fast motion feature, you will first have to recommend the app to your friends to unlock it. The slow/fast motion feature is standard just like other apps with ability to slow up to 0.25x speed and increase the speed to 4x. It also integrates with social media networks for quick sharing.

This should be your choice of app if you want compressed videos that take less space and also let you slow or fast the video with almost all required features.


7. Hudl Technique

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Hudl Technique is an app specially designed for sports and athletes. It only offers slow motion feature and you can easily slow the speed in real-time. The apps is suppose to help sports people to slow down a video and see how an athlete is performing a particular sport. The tools it offers besides slow motion are also targeted towards people interested in sports.

You can comment at any specific time of a video, share the video with other people and annotate video with simple diagrams and text. You can record a new video or import a already recorded video from your phone or cloud storage account. You can also zoom in to any specific area of the video and compare two videos side by side.

You can create teams right inside the app for training and manage videos according to Techniques and athlete filters.


So, these were top 7 slow motion video recording apps for Android. If you have some suggestions regarding the apps mentioned in the list, feel free to comment below.


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